Herb Jones, the anti-star of the Pelicans


Some forget it, but Herb Jones is a fundamental player in the success of Pelicans, currently 3rd in the West (13-8) and present in the Top 10 of the most effective attacks (6th) and defenses (3rd) in the NBA. However, he is not the best known of all, willingly leaving the light to Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and other CJ McCollum.

Accustomed to moving forward masked New Orleans, a shame in a city renowned for its… carnival, the 35th choice of the Draft 2021 wishes to get away from rhinestones and glitter as much as possible. No coincidence, therefore, if it rubs off on the way he manages his image on social networks, for example.

 » It’s good to be present on social networks, especially in this environment, but it can also be a trap “, he qualifies on this subject.  » If I go public with what I do every day, it allows a million unknown people to have their say. They can say something about what I do and I see it. Even if I don’t answer, I still see it. So I have accounts on the networks, I will share things about the team or about my family, but not my location, my actions. I try to distance myself from it and remain discreet. »

The ant that became Pelican

Another aspect in which Herb Jones stands out compared to what we can know in this NBA where the « star system » is pushed to its climax: his expenses and his management of money. It is therefore unthinkable to see him arrive at the hall at the wheel of a brand new luxury car on which he will have instinctively fallen in love.

 » I won’t change until she breaks down “, he explains about this Dodge Charger (2018) that he has owned since his years at the University of Alabama.  » I will continue to use it until it stops working. Then I will buy another. But as long as she takes me to the room, I’m calm. »

Of a thrifty nature, thanks to the education given to him, the ant Herb Jones also does not play it cicada on the clothing level, generally wearing one of these free outfits received from the hands of the Pelicans. Even if it means not passing for the fashion victim favorite of photographers, before each match…

 » Save the money, that’s how I think “, he continues. «  As soon as we get into the locker room, we change clothes and still put on our basketball stuff, so I just try to arrive super comfortable. I try to save. I don’t care what anyone says about my appearance if my family is doing well or better than they were. »

Then Herb Jones clarified his vision of things: “ I think about the long term, for my children. If I have to wear Pelicans clothes for the rest of my career or whatever team I play on, and my children then my children’s children can go to school for free, thanks to what I won in the NBA, so it’s all good. »

So what advice would the New Orleans southpaw give to anyone asking?

 » Save more than you spend. A lot of people may think it’s not that simple, but once you experience it, it’s super simple. I laugh about it with my teammates, when we go somewhere and they go shopping: ‘Why are you spending all this money when you can save it?’. They always answer me: ‘You will earn enough’ and I tell them that everything is fine with me. »

Embodied modesty…

Herb Jones’ desire to save is such that he didn’t take a vacation this summer, preferring to squat the training room while his teammates were pushing him to leave! Some even insisted on paying him a stay, but the 24-year-old winger politely refused…

 » [Larry Nance Jr.] told me to leave, but I really didn’t want to spend a single dollar “, indicates in this regard the main interested party, who knows exactly where he is going.  » I went bass fishing in Alabama [car son père le lui a imposé, ndlr] and I came back the same day, without going to the room. But I caught up the next day. »

On the other hand, if there is a moment when the very modest Herb Jones does not count, it is when it comes to helping or pleasing his loved ones…

 » I always do what is necessary for my family. If my brother needs anything, I tell him not to hesitate to ask me. Same for my mother, my close friends. Those who can do it know it. But I wouldn’t say that I carry a weight on my shoulders, because if the roles were reversed, there would be some who would do the same for me », thus concludes the one for whom the expression « having the heart on the hand » takes on its full meaning.

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