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While we were still wondering a few days ago if Pilar Rubio would continue his activities on Spanish television in the program “El Hormiguero”, the answer is yes. Even if he moved from Madrid to Paris to follow her husband Sergio Ramos, transferred to PSG, the beautiful journalist made a stint on the Iberian show to talk about his new life.

 » Everything is fine. We have all adapted well « , assures Pilar Rubio who ensures that she does not suffer from these regular trips: » When I was here, I was not with my children 24 hours a day either because I was working and I was often outside the home (…) The important thing is that they have adapted very well to their school and to everything ”.

Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos have (finally) found their Parisian home

If she admits that she still has a little trouble speaking French (« I understand enough already but it’s difficult for me to speak, I still do a mix »), Pilar Rubio explains that everything is now tending to become normal in a routine. “The summer has been difficult. The children stayed in Madrid because we didn’t have a home. Two days ago, we finally found it. Since then, I have been going back and forth, moving ».

The installation component of his family finished, Sergio Ramos will now be able to devote himself to football and come back from his regular injuries fairly quickly. If Mauricio Pochettino does not want to rush anything, we can hope to see the first minutes of the Spaniard after the international break in October.

Pilar Rubio talks about his new life

Part of Madrid in the suitcases of Sergio Ramos who signed for PSG, Pilar Rubio has kept his media obligations in Spain. The journalist returned to her new life, her Parisian adaptation and her move in progress …

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