Henry voted the greatest of them all

Faraj Benlahoucine, Media365: published on Friday August 12, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Praised by a panel of a thousand voters, Thierry Henry was dubbed the best player in the history of the Premier League ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Shearer.

Unquestionably, Thierry Henry is the greatest player in Arsenal’s history. The statue in his effigy in front of the Emirates Stadium bears witness to this. No other player, however emblematic, has been entitled to this honor. The Gunners’ latest signing, Gabriel Jesus, recently paid tribute to the tricolor striker. And across the Premier League realm, there may be debate as to which is the greatest of them all. To remedy this debate, the BetFair site has launched a survey via YouGov as a birthday present to the English championship, blowing out its 30th candle this summer (30th year under this name).

The panel of 1,000 people responding to this survey delivered its verdict. Receiving 15% of the votes, Thierry Henry was acclaimed. He is ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Shearer, two other legends from across the Channel. Football fans have probably remembered « Titi’s » 175 goals, his four seasons finished as the league’s top scorer, his two coronations with Arsenal including the legendary « Invincibles » title of 2003-04. During this campaign, the band of Arsene Wenger had not known the flavor of defeat at all despite a meeting that will go down in history against the rival of the time, Manchester United, with the famous penalty missed by Ruud Van Nistelrooy .

Behind King Thierry Henry, theVoters retained the six seasons of « CR7 » at Manchester United crowned among other things with three consecutive titles (between 2007 and 2009) at the heart of which the year 2008 also saw him lift the Champions League, end the season as top scorer and be awarded the Golden Ball. And on the third step, Premier League all-time top scorer Alan Shearer with 226 goals, logically finds a place of choice. Statistics all the more remarkable as he wore the colors of modest formations such as Blackburn, Southampton and Newcastle.

The continuation of this classification of constellations saw Eric Cantona fail at the foot of the podium, tied with Steven Gerrard and ahead of Dennis Bergkamp. In 7th place, Mohamed Salah ranks at the same height as Kevin De Bruyne and Ryan Giggs. The top 10 is completed by two other players with the same score: Frak Lampard and Sergio Agüero.

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