Hecatomb in sight for the Lakers!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstars, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, were surprised at the sanction received by their teammate, LeBron James, after his clash with Isaiah Stewart during the meeting against the Detroit Pistons

Los Angeles Lakers / NBA (DR)

Already in great difficulty, the Lakers are about to experience a very complicated match against the Hornets. In question ? A relatively full infirmary, which could plunge this roster into turmoil. Fans have reason to be worried.

With a 24-25 record, the Lakers continue to show great difficulty. Last defeat to date? Against the Sixers of a great Joel Embiid, but especially without LeBron James, hit in the knee. Something to worry the fans, because the King could miss several meetings.

It’s clearly not joy in the ranks, and the upcoming game against the Hornets promises to be very important, because it could cost Frank Vogel dearly. The problem is that injuries are numerous in the workforce, to the point that a carnage takes place a few hours before the clash against Charlotte.

The Lakers injury report is overflowing!

As before each match, we have the right to an injury report in order to have an update of the workforce. Problem ? That of the Lakers is crowded, with the presence of the Big 3. Their absence is not yet certain, but neither is their presence. It could be a very complicated evening against the Hornets.

It could be a complicated night in Charlotte. LeBron, AD, Russ and Bradley are all questionable. Monk is out.

Malik Monk, able to take heat, will not find his old team. First bad news for the Angelinos, who may not see their Big 3. Davis hurt his wrist, while Westbrook suffered knee pain.

Same problem for LeBron, which is less surprising for a player who averages 37 minutes, all at 37. Rest is necessary for them, which will complicate the task of Frank Vogel. Be careful not to play with fire in the Western Conference.

There will be absentees for the Lakers against the Hornets, and not just a few. LeBron James should still be spared, while Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis are not certain to hold their place. This is clearly not ideal timing.

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