Heat – Rockets: winning return for Victor Oladipo

It took more than 15 minutes for the Heat to enter this meeting. Amorphous at the start of the game to the point of being led by 13 points, the Floridians gave confidence to young motivated Rockets. Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green lead by example and attack the Heat defense which is struggling to have its individual performance.

In confidence, Houston alternates the play well in attack, and Alperen Sengun shows great things in post 5. Determined to play quickly, and even very quickly, the men of Stephen Silas pose big problems for Miami. Fortunately, the Heat can count on Tyler Herro off the bench. After a first failed pass in the first act, he set the sights, and planted 15 points at the end of the first half. Above all, he allows his team to inflict a 23-6 on the Rockets and lead at the break (62-58).

Houston missed its chance in the first period as Jimmy Butler took matters into his own hands after returning from the locker room. Relieved by the return of Kyle Lowry, he becomes the number 1 option in attack and he can focus on scoring. He penetrates as much as possible, to go to the end or to find a teammate alone. Gradually, the score exceeds the bar of 10 points difference and Miami has control of the match.

In the last act, Tyler Herro continues his show and he does not give up. Dexterous in catch-and-shoot, he can also drive towards the circle. Upon arrival, Miami won 123-106 and established its place as number 1 in the Eastern Conference.


The return of Victor Oladipo. Eleven months and two operations later, it was Victor Oladipo’s big comeback on the NBA courts, and he was treated to a nice ovation from the public. Against his former team, he was perfect, and he even reassured everyone by causing a strong passage from the first action. Good on defense, he proved he had Heat DNA. In attack, he finished the game with 11 points and some decisive actions. But the main thing is elsewhere since his return gave a smile to a whole franchise.

The return of Kyle Lowry. Also for personal reasons, Kyle Lowry had been away from the field for several matches. He is back, and his influence is great on the group. Even if he does not score, he puts the ball under his arm, brings toughness in defense, and he relieves Jimmy Butler in the management of the game.

Jalen Green’s early game. On a big streak since the All-Star Break, the Rockets rookie started the game with a 4 of 4 from 3-pointers in five minutes.


Tyler Hero. His start to the match is not good, but he has no doubts. The Heat’s 6th man kept shooting and the address reversed. As a result, it was he who broke Houston at the end of the first half, and he finished as the game’s top scorer with 31 points.

Kevin Porter Jr/Jalen Green. Gradually, the duo begins to find its performance and automatisms. Less passer, Kevin Porter Jr shows aggression. He shares the attacks with Green and both men hurt. Tonight, Butler struggled at times to control the enthusiasm of his young players. Already very prominent against Memphis, the two men are clearly the face of Houston.

✅⛔Bam Adebayo. Already Saturday against the Sixers, he had given the impression of marking time, and it is mainly physically. Even if he signs a nice double-double (18 pts, 10 rebounds), the All-Star interior suffers in defense, and the young Alperen Sengun sometimes caused him concern.


Miami (44-22) : Wednesday reception of the Suns for the shock of the leaders.

Houston (16-49) : the Rockets receive the Lakers on Wednesday.

Heat / 123ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
P.J. Tucker275/121/40/0391222010+181117
J. Butler297/110/07/925740121+152126
C. Martin192/51/10/022442110+10510
T. Herro3112/186/91/102230130+183128
V. Oladipo154/72/31/201140010+31111
Mr Strus30/00/00/000000000-100
Rockets / 106ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
J. Tate253/80/30/133634121-569
G. Mathews200/50/50/000012200-140-2
K. Porter Jr.297/155/113/405511000-182219
J. Green318/164/100/001133000-202016
K. Martin Jr.335/60/14/604422331-161418
J. Christopher296/113/61/103332112-21619

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