Heat-Nets, Grizzlies-Bucks and Cavs-Bulls at 1 a.m., anyone got extra eyes?

We attack a particularly tasty Saturday with eight meetings on the program including three XXL posters. We hope you have several screens and plenty of eyes because you shouldn’t miss anything.


  • 10 p.m. : Pelicans – Spurs (beIN Sports 1)
  • 0h: Magic–Kings
  • 12:30 a.m. : Raptors – Pacers (beIN Sports 4)
  • 1 hour : Heat–Nets
  • 1 hour : Grizzlies–Bucks
  • 1 hour : Cavs–Bulls
  • 3h : Nuggets–Thunder
  • 4h : Blazers – Rockets


Heat – Nets (1h): It’s always hard to choose with so many choices but we’re still going to bet on this duel between Miami and Brooklyn. We are talking about the possible first round of the next Playoffs and the idea of ​​​​crossing the duo Kevin Durant – Kyrie Irving should not delight many people on the side of Sud Plage. While the tension has risen a notch in recent days, due to several very grim defeats in particular, Erik Spoelstra’s troupe will want to send a message by coming out with a solid victory to reassure everyone, and in particular their fans. . An XXL match of Jimmy Buckets, a little hug with Udonis Haslem and we’re off again? We know a grizzled godfather-looking guy (you know who we’re talking about) who wouldn’t say no to such a scenario.


  • If you don’t click on Grizzlies – Bucks, we don’t know what to do for you. Even without Ja Morant, the band of Taylor Jenkins is a breath of fresh air for the orange ball and they will try to afford another big piece after Brooklyn. Succeeding in hitting the defending champion without Ja, it would be nice.
  • The end of the free fall of the Bulls, is it for this night? We hope so for Windy City fans because a loss in Cleveland, coupled with a Toronto win at home against Indiana (doable) would give us a nice Top 6 thriller with three franchises having…exactly the same record. Be careful not to get too scared Chicago.
  • Theo Maledon and Olivier Sarr visit Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets. We don’t expect anything from the Thunder but we want our French on the pitch.
  • What if the Spurs still believed in the play-in tournament by beating the Pelicans? There are only two games between the two teams.

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