Health pass in Ligue 1 stadiums: the challenge of flow management

“The health pass will be our traveling companion for several months. If we pass the first passing exams, there is no reason that it should not work for the rest of the season. «  Director of communication for Olympique de Marseille, Jacques Cardoze very quickly understood that the health pass, made compulsory since July 21 in places of leisure and culture, was the only chance for Ligue 1 clubs to resuscitate their stadiums . But once this observation has been made, it is still necessary to be able to meet the logistical challenge. “A month ago, when we learned about the health protocol of the LFP, we especially had fears about the flow of spectators to manage, he explains. How to absorb 50,000 people who usually arrive in the last 45 minutes before kick-off? « 

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