Health crisis: sport in great suffering in Guyana

Many disciplines are harmed in the territory given the restrictive measures. Those practiced in a covered environment are among the most difficult. This is the case, for example, for basketball or even handball.

The basketball championship has still not started but in the meantime, the clubs are organizing themselves with physical preparation in public places in the open air. This is the case, for example, of ASL Sport Guyanais players.

We try to do some training outdoors, either on the beach, on the hill of Montabo or on parking lots but here too it is quite restrictive and it cannot lead to a preparation as we would like.

Athis Jaïr, president of ASL Sport Guyanais

During these preparations in the open, limits, in terms of legality, difficult to comply with the restriction measures.
In Rémire-Montjoly, the RHK (Rémire Handball King), is also in the same situation. For its leaders, the health crisis and the stoppage of competitions have discouraged a good number of practitioners and the specter of the health pass could cause a massacre at the level of licenses, despite a solution discussed internally.

To participate in the training of the week and the matches of the weekend, Seniors will be obliged to take tests within 72 hours to be in compliance with this health pass that bothers us

Patrick Bruno, vice-president of the RHK

Athis Jaïr, the president of ASL Sport Guyanais has other fears in addition: « 80% of young people are interested in sport and in my opinion, the big concern that arises if we see further is a certain destructuring of our society because these young people no longer play sports, no longer see each other, no longer speak to each other and, of course, this can lead to a breakdown of the social bond ”.

The health pass does not apply to children under 12 who have access to certain infrastructures. Clubs have also resumed training. On the other hand, what today about competitions and the consequences of stopping sports activities among young and old?

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