He thinks he’s in a video game and destroys his Porsche on the highway


As he slalomed at high speed on the highway, this very reckless driver failed to maintain control of his Porsche 911.

This is exactly the kind of situation that often occurs in car video games since the mid-90s: you drive a sports car on imaginary roads, sometimes with other motorists in the lanes.

In the video below, the owner of a Type 996 Porsche 911 decides to do the same thing but in real life. He finds himself filmed by a camera installed in another vehicle as he slaloms between the cars of a fast lane. Unfortunately, things turn out very badly for him: he ends up completely losing control of the machine and after several turns on himself, he hits the wall of the highway.

Good for scrap?

The damage to the front part of the car is serious but fortunately he did not hit any other vehicle in his free figure. The car is probably good for scrap…


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