He takes the wrong pedal and sends his Lamborghini to the bottom of a lake

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In the middle of the night, the 31-year-old driver and his 40-year-old passenger pull into the parking lot by the lake. The forties then gets out of the car and lets his friend maneuver. At that time, he absolutely did not imagine that things could go wrong. And yet…

When turning around, the driver supposedly reverses the accelerator and brake pedals. As a result, rather than stopping, the racing car accelerates violently. A very unfortunate unexpected, especially when you are at the edge of a lake.

You have understood it, the Lambo goes straight into Lake Mondsee and ends its race at a depth of 5 meters.

While the Italian fireball is sinking, its driver manages to get out in time and reach the mainland. He and his friend will then call for help as quickly as possible.

A few minutes later, the Austrian firefighters arrive on the spot, take the driver to the hospital for examinations and even manage to get the poor Lamborghini out of its aquatic trap.

3 hours of work

Getting the Italian racing car out of the lake was no picnic. Indeed, the rescue had to send five divers into the lake, bring back a tow truck, an air balloon and this, for three hours in the middle of the night. All because of a bad reading of the pedals…

Clement Fauriel

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