« He no longer wants to return to the stadium, » laments the mother of the young supporter injured against OL

The mother of the young PSG fan injured in the head by a siege launched by Lyon supporters has decided to file a complaint. She regrets with RMC Sport a lack of responsiveness of the Parisian club after the incident of which her son was the victim.

Can you tell us about the incidents that affected your son Lucas (11) during PSG-Lyon?

Celine Deval : « Lucas attended the match between PSG and OL at the Parc des Princes with his dad. The first half goes well, the second half begins and there is a penalty. stand not far from them start to stir and throw projectiles. Lucas ends up taking a seat on the top of his head. Caught in the mood he said nothing, he wanted so much to see his idol Lionel Messi, but after five minutes he puts his hand on his head and his hand is bleeding. His father notices that he has a wound on his head, they go to the rescuers who say they can do nothing , that you have to go to the stadium infirmary. They spend half an hour putting on compresses to stop the bleeding, a priori it’s just superficial. The next day, the doctor tells me that he has a slight trauma cranial, with a three-four centimeter wound. He will have a nice scar above his head. « 

Lucas came back scared because he does not understand the outburst of violence that there has been

What was your first reaction when your son came home?

« The problem was, he was going there with stars in his eyes, he absolutely wanted to see that game, to see Messi. He even made a poster to try to get an autograph from Messi. He came back. scared because he does not understand the outburst of violence that there has been, why it is he who took it and not someone else. He returned the last five minutes of the match in the stands, he was said “damn, I still have a chance to see Messi and have my autograph.” He still carried his backpack on his head because he was scared, knowing that in addition at the end of the match, they were evacuated very quickly because, again, things were heckling on the Lyon side, and he couldn’t even come down and approach the players with his poster.

The next day, he obviously had a headache. Today, he no longer wants to go back to see a match, I know he will go back, because he wants to be a sports commentator, football has been his passion since childhood. Nevertheless, he does not understand, he finds it unfair, he is disillusioned by saying « I had done everything well, I had saved to pay for my place, I had made my banner and it turned into a nightmare ». This is his feeling. We, as parents, are worried because it is the head and we never really know what consequences we can have. I am thinking about this: today, he is in danger when he goes to see a football match. « 

Today, do you plan to file a complaint?

“The question arose. My husband, at the time of the incident, asked the infirmary if he could file a complaint. Someone told him ‘it’s useless, it will never succeed.’ , I was waiting for the PSG, the Parc des Princes, to explain to me how this kind of incident was possible, to tell me that an investigation was going to be carried out and that with the cameras, they would be able to identify the guy who did that.

Except that in fact, I have no feedback from PSG and I tell myself that if we do not file a complaint, it will not go further, we will never know what happened . This guy, potentially, can do what he did again, re-launch a siege and maybe kill someone. So if we can stop him at least, that’s it already. I also want this complaint to be used to go back, higher, I want the ministry and the Federation to seize the problem, are they waiting for one of our children to die in a football stadium? « 

I expected a little more from PSG

So are you going to file a complaint in the next few hours?

« It’s Friday afternoon, we have an appointment at the police station. »

Didn’t you hear back from Paris Saint-Germain?

« I’m going to be honest and completely transparent. PSG took 48 hours to contact us. While on Monday, there was a person who took a photo of my husband and my son’s seats on the evening of the incident. I expected PSG to appear on Monday. (…) For me, the union minimum is that Lucas be reimbursed for his seats because he has not seen the match. expected a little more from PSG, who told me the first night “don’t worry, we’ll do everything to put stars in your son’s eyes.” It’s not with two places and a match that you are going to put stars in my son’s eyes. For the moment, he is not ready to go back (at the stadium). For comparison, I had OL. is one of his supporters who is at fault. OL took 20 minutes to reach me on Tuesday morning, because on Monday evening, there were articles that came out. In 20 minutes, they identified me and they managed to contact me on the network x social. « 

What state of mind are you in?

« I’m a mom, I think all moms and dads don’t want to see their sad child like that when it’s nothing to do with it. It’s not her fault. It’s the fault of who? PSG, OL, the League, the Parc des Princes, I don’t know! I want to know, for sure. I want to make my kid smile again. But beyond that That, I do not find normal that today, we let a child go to the stadium with his daddy and that he comes back injured like that. He could have stayed there. I do not know if the Federation, the ministry are waiting for ‘there is a dead person, child or not, to do something. I think we can secure the stadiums today. Perhaps a little drastic measures are needed. « 

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