“He made a Wembanyama”: a star plants a delirious shot at the Wemby!

At only 18 years old, Victor Wembanyama already displays a monster panoply on the ground, and even has some signature moves. One of them has just been replicated on the NBA courts by a nugget, which has given rise to comparisons!

« The suburbs influence Paris, Paris influences the world », swung the rapper Médine in one of his sounds. His words seem to perfectly match the case of Victor Wembanyama. The phenomenon of Boulogne-Levallois sees the eyes of the whole world riveted on him for a few months, including those of the stars of the NBA. This can also be seen in the matches played across the Atlantic, with sequences inspired by the young French interior.

Jalen Green makes the buzz with a shoot at Wembanyama

While he is only expected to make his big league debut a year from now, Wembanyama is already the subject of numerous rapprochements with some of his future counterparts. This was again the case this Thursday, during the Texas derby between San Antonio and Houston. Defeated by their neighbors (109-118), the Rockets were still able to ignite in front of the improbable shot scored by Jalen Green at the halftime buzzer:

Does this shot remind you of something? No wonder, since Wemby has made it its business on the start of the season, whether with the Metropolitans 92 or the France team. So much so that NBA fans have already granted him the rights to it, and think of him directly when they see it reproduced on their territory. The proof, with the comments of Internet users below:

He did a Wembanyama

Jalen who copies his future teammate Victor Wembanyama with the 3 points on one leg

We didn’t even have to wait for Victor Wembanyama’s first steps in the NBA to see him make his mark on the minds of American fans. It is therefore a Wemby shoot that Jalen Green tried and succeeded on the Spurs floor according to them!

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