“He is the most exciting player for 25 years”

The NBA is the landmark of many athletes exceptional who regularly fill the Top 10. But for a specialist, there is currently a player who stands out from the rest in terms of spectacular actions, and he would be very close to a certain Kobe…

The NBA is one of the most spectacular leagues on the planet, since it is mostly made up of superhuman athletes. The proof, in no other sport has a player managed to preserve himself physically as he has been able to do. LeBron Jameswho, at 37, is still the fastest player on the pitch, the one who jumps the highest and the farthest…

But if the « old » are still able to put on a show on the floor, the new generation has a little something extra, and in particular a visible and contagious confidence, a sometimes annoying, but often breathtaking relaxation. If the Hornets are an exciting team to watch, it’s largely down to LaMelo Ball’s nonchalance, which makes his play uncertain and spectacular.

Ja Morant, most exciting player since Kobe Bryant

And according to an expert, there is a player who largely stands out at this level. According to Chris Broussard, consultant for the chain FS1, the most exciting player to watch in the last 25 years is said to be carving out a place for himself at the top of the hierarchy of the biggest stars. Little hint, it is a holder during the last All-Star Game…

Ja Morant is the most exciting player to enter the league since Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant. Not the best, but the most electrifying.

Chris Broussard may have forgotten LeBron James, who was a particularly spectacular young player upon leaving high school, but his observation remains impactful. According to the journalist, Ja Morant would be in the direct line of Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant, and the numbers are going in his direction. A constant that will not be denied by Kendrick Perkins, who has gone a step further on ESPN :

To me, Ja Morant is the face of the NBA today. We are talking about a player that everyone wants to see. Ja Morant is the equivalent of Beyoncé at the Coachella festival. I pray ESPN will kick the Lakers off the air and put the Grizzlies on. I want to see Ja more often on national channels.

Ja Morant is taking the NBA by storm, and according to several experts, he will be the most exciting player on the basketball planet this season. He should say he’s got every athletic ability imaginable, and he’s using it to fill the Top 10.

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