“He is the equivalent of Kylian Mbappé in the league”

Kylian Mbappé is making a lot of noise in this World Cup in Qatar, to the point that he is often mentioned in the NBA world. A small game was even launched in order to compare him to a league star. Stephen Curry? Luka Doncic? LeBron James? The answers fuse to find the best equivalent to the PSG striker…

With a tournament that is perfect for the moment, Kylian Mbappé has achieved a great World Cup, which he hopes to win for the second time in a row. We will have to dominate England this Saturday to reach the last four, which means that the PSG striker has a little rest in the meantime. Maybe he takes the opportunity to follow the NBA, especially with her recent message for Steph Curry.

Kylian Mbappé compared to a big NBA star!

The name of Mbappé therefore comes up more and more often in the world of the orange ball, the proof with this recent debate: which player most resembles the French in terms of talent? Can we use Luka Doncic, or is Curry just a good example for the number 10 of the Blues? The debate was a great success. We even have an answer that emerges…

I’ve been waiting for this question for a while, the answer is Luka Doncic

Giannis, dominant young player who is a champion and relies on his physique

“Jayson Tatum, they both lost in the finals (Champions League and playoff finals) and won the gold medal for their country (Olympic and World Cup). »

« Don’t disrespect Mbappé »


Luka Doncic in comparison with Kylian Mbappé? In some aspects, we can say that it works. The fans have in any case decided in favor of the Slovenian, although the answers are very numerous. We imagine that the French will appreciate.

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