« He is perhaps the most overrated player in the NHL »

Mitch Marner is « perhaps the most overrated player in the NHL, » according to Sportsnet analyst Andrew Berkshire.

Berkshire, which produces content using advanced statistics from the firm SPORTLOGiQ, believes the forward’s value is overstated due to the buzz in a big hockey market like Toronto.

“On the power play, we can say that Marner is the best player in the Maple Leafs. But if we are talking about the overall game, it is certainly not him, ”he argued on Sportsnet 590 radio.

Berkshire explains that Marner is first and foremost a playmaker and is not the leader in this aspect within the Maple Leafs.

“Scoring chances games are a statistic that I look at when calculating a player’s impact offensively. It measures how involved a skater is in creating opportunities for their teammates.

“In forwards, Connor McDavid is number one; Sidney Crosby, second; Auston Matthews, third. At the 12th level, we find John Tavares tied with Sebastian Aho. Then William Nylander at 22e. And, finally, Marner is ranked 26th. « 

A Tavares effect

Berkshire says it’s important not to overlook the “Tavares effect” when looking at the excellent offensive stats of Marner, who had 94 points last season.

“Marner is not the one leading the charge in his trio, it’s Tavares. You have to take into consideration the performances of the Tavares trio mates in the past. Look what happened with Matt Moulson. Anders Lee has seen a drop in [30%] in season-over-season goals scored when Tavares left Long Island. Tavares’ line-mates are having the best seasons of their careers with him, ”he noted.

For the aforementioned reasons, it is therefore not reasonable for Marner to claim a contract identical to that of Auston Matthews, argues the analyst: a free agent without compensation. Considering he is a free agent with compensation, I believe his agent and advisers greatly overestimate him. ”

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