“He is afraid of Russell Westbrook, he prostrates himself at his feet”

Put on the market by the Lakers, Russell Westbrook nevertheless continues to play a major role. A vision that prompted a famous analyst to deliver a clear statement vis-à-vis the Brodie, which would make fear reign in an influential member of the franchise!

Unlike the Opening Night, where he had shown himself rather to his advantage, the derby against the Clippers was the scene of an ugly zero point on his part. Russell Westbrook was indeed unable to score a single point on Thursday, to the delight of a certain Skip Bayless. The Lakers’ No. 1 detractor, the flagship journalist of FOX Sports reveled in Brodie’s disasterclass, which he would have even liked to see more often on the floor:

I hope Darvin Ham will give in again and put Westbrook back on the pitch.

Darvin Ham scared of Russell Westbrook?

To the delight of Skip and the other Lakers haters, Russ was indeed revived by his coach later in the game, without improving his statistics. The famous American analyst was therefore pleased to come back to his performance on the set of Undisputedand started a big rumor about Darvin Ham… who would suffer the law of the star point guard in the locker room!

Westbrook was asked how he thought he had played. He replied, “Pretty solid. I played hard. Couldn’t ask for more. We move on to the next game. « I’ll give you the fact that you played hard, but what shocked me — and again, I was for the Clippers — what surprised me was that I put the challenged Darvin Ham to put it back on the pitch, and he did!

It seems that Darvin Ham is afraid of Russell Westbrook. It’s like he’s bowing to his feet now, because he gets him to start games, and he lets him finish them too!

As a reminder, Ham and his assistants relegated Westbrook to the bench in the last pre-season game, before reinstating him in the major five against the Warriors.

For Bayless, there is therefore no doubt that the Purple & Gold coach, who is living his first season at the front, does not yet have the audacity necessary against Russ to leave him as a substitute. However, he did not hesitate to take back his volley player in recent hours after his controversial remarks about him. Difficult, therefore, to decipher the balance of power between the two men!

For Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook owes his current starting status only to the fear he instills in the mind of Darvin Ham. It’s up to him to prove that he deserves it by bouncing back on the next matches, and thus silencing the journalist!

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