He gets into a Lamborghini with his Bugatti, the insurer cries

The collision is very slight but with two cars this expensive, the consequences are probably going to be terrible.

It’s every supercar driver’s nightmare. These cars, whose peripheral visibility is often lacking, are not the easiest to maneuver. To park them correctly in front of their classic place of residence (most often in front of a very nice hotel), it is therefore necessary to get help when reversing and manoeuvring.

In the video below, the driver of the blue Bugatti Veyron gets help but the person is obviously not clear enough in his instructions. Backing up, he rubs the rim of a white Lamborghini Aventador with the rear wing of his Alsatian supercar.

Small damage, astronomical repairs?

the rim scuff of the Lamborghini is already going to cost a bit. But the repairs on the bumper of the Bugatti are likely to reach the cost of buying a new small car: the slightest operation on a car of this kind can reach astronomical amounts…

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