he drives at 179 km/h in his Ferrari in a 50 zone!

As if nothing had happened, this intellectually limited owner pushes his Ferrari FF hard in the middle of town! And it’s far from being the only unconscious gesture that he faces the camera…

If we had to draw up a ranking of the worst car drivers, this Belgian owner of a Ferrari FF would have every chance of winning the Palme d’Or! And for good reason, he proudly performs acts, each more dangerous than the next. Besides, he’s not alone in the car with the prancing horse! The day and the nonsense are filmed by his passenger for the day! Fortunately and long live social networks! The police would have started an investigation to find this driver and withdraw his driver’s license. How could he get his license when you see the way he rides! These pictures are stunning…

179 km/h instead of 50!

The video begins in the cockpit of his Ferrari. The young man can be seen roaring the 6.3 liter V12 and 660 hp from his beautiful Italian. As the camera rolls, you can clearly see the 170 km/h pass on the secondary screen in front of the passenger. No problem if it was in the middle of the Autobahn. But it is in the heart of the city where the speed is limited to 50 km/h in our northern neighbours!

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Its clutch fails at only 3,900 km, the bill is HUGE!

Antisocial, anti-ecological and dangerous behavior!

And that’s not all ! The second part of the video shows this public danger driving his Ferrari FF at a gas station. It is refueling, engine running and even roars the V12 that hides under its hood! Antisocial and anti-ecological behavior, and even more, very dangerous! In fact, leaving the engine running increases the fumes of gasoline vapor which are flammable. Not to mention that it’s not very good for the engine of his Ferrari…

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