« He does everything »: the surprising player who treats the Nets

The Brooklyn workforce has no shortage of superstars, starting with its Big Three, which includes Kevin Durant and James Harden. However, it is a player from the bench who was entitled to the praise of Steve Nash, after the last match! And for the trouble, he did not steal the compliments.

First in the Eastern Conference, however, the Nets had a life-size test to pass against the Bulls. Unfortunately for them, if they were able to dominate the meeting for three quarters, they ended up running out of steam in the money time, leaving Chicago the opportunity to recover the score and win the game (111-107. ) The latter took the opportunity to get closer to the Blacks and Whites in the standings, with half a victory remaining.

Nevertheless, according to Steve Nash, all was not to be thrown on the side of his team. On the contrary, the Canadian wanted to congratulate one of his replacements: Paul Millsap, author of 13 points and 7 rebounds off the bench. What’s remarkable is that the interior accomplished all of this in just 15 minutes on the floors! Something to enchant his trainer, dithyrambic about him during an interview with the New York Post :

Paul Millsap praised by Steve Nash

He was awesome. He did a bit of everything on the pitch. He scored, he was able to launch the attack. He took rebounds, offensive rebounds. He had a few interceptions as well. He did a bit of everything. Its intensity was enormous and I found its impact on the game to be really good.

Almost 37 years old, the former Hawks and Jazz player is at the twilight of his career, and has only a limited role in BKN with 11 minutes per game (3.4 points and 3.6 rebounds on average). However, his experience and technical background are greatly appreciated by his people, who know they can count on him to get the job done in short stretches. Asked about his good performance, Millsap played him modest, explaining that he had only followed the advice of the locker room:

I have a lot of great teammates who tell me to be aggressive all the time when I’m on the pitch. Tonight I really wanted to focus on that aspect of the game and try to score easy baskets near the basket. For me, I have to keep doing this, be aggressive and play my game.

Good thing, his team’s next games should give him the opportunity to show his importance once again. Brooklyn will indeed have to compete against Dallas, Atlanta and Philadelphia in the space of ten days, a schedule anything but obvious. Therefore, all players will have to be on top, not just the stars. Kevin Durant and James harden. The contribution of The Anchorman will therefore not be too much!

Paul Millsap appears to have fitted in very well with the Nets since joining in the summer, and that’s great news for the franchise. With his 16 NBA seasons on the clock and his status as a quadruple All-Star, the interior has enough to play the X factors when it comes to cleaver games.

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