« He did the irreparable to the Lakers »

After another defeat against the Hornets, the Lakers find themselves in a rather catastrophic situation. Rob Pelinka is under pressure, but he’s not necessarily the only one. LeBron James is waiting for changes, and so are the fans. A big rant in the City of Angels…

13 wins for 19 losses, this is the disturbing new record of the Lakers. The last defeat dated took place this Friday evening against the Hornets, who were however in distress in recent weeks. It took an absent Angelinos defense to revive them. The fans are understandably angry, against Jeanie Buss, as well as Rob Pelinka.

Fans mad with rage at the Lakers!

After all, the owner is accused of wanting to save money and thus avoid setting up a huge trade. Pelinka, he is content to sound out a few players, without really making an offer. A situation that disturbs the supporters, annoyed by the current decisions. On Twitter, many people started criticizing Pelinka and Buss.

Rob Pelinka has done irreparable damage to this franchise. It’s so scary it’s impressive.

But as GM, is Pelinka the one to blame for the Angelinos? Be careful not to overlook the impact of Jeanie Buss.

Imagine blaming Pelinka when it’s the broke owner who orchestrates everything

Terrible GM. I can’t believe LeBron signed this extension

The Buss family is equally, if not more, responsible.

Faced with the inactivity of the leaders, the anger rises on the side of the supporters. Many are asking for change, but not just in the players: in the whole organization. A series to follow closely…

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