He defies the police by taking his Formula 1 out on the highway!

This billionaire’s favorite pastime? Driving in a Formula 1 Ferrari on the highway to annoy the police.

The images below show what looks like a Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car, filmed on a highway somewhere in the Czech Republic. According to the specialists of Auto Hebdo, it is more exactly a single-seater of GP2 made up in Formula 1 Ferrari of the years 2000, with the false sponsors on the pontoons.

But how can you end up with such a machine on the open road? Well it would be a little joke of the owner of the car, who has already taken the single-seater on the open road several times in the Czech Republic in the past. Each time, he managed to escape police sanctions on the grounds that they never arrested him and that the driver of the vehicle was never formally identified because of his helmet.

The police are still looking

The country’s police have therefore just launched a new investigation. One thing is certain: what madness to see such a car in the middle of other cars in classic traffic!

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