He creates flying karts that can rise 2 meters from the ground

INNOVATION – These karts fly up to two meters high

When science fiction becomes reality. After the flying taxis of the 2024 Olympics, it’s the turn of the kartings to take off. David Dricourt, an entrepreneur from Val-de-Marne, set out to create flying kart cars. « I had the idea one day when I was playing with a drone, I thought it would be interesting to put a pilot inside, » he says. Neither one nor two, he created his company Lovenie, in 2021, and manufactured prototypes capable of making a person weighing less than 85 kg fly.

« The objective is to make it a new means of entertainment, fun and accessible, » he says. Individuals will still have to pay nearly 35,000 euros to own their own machine. But, the creator is considering a rental service, which would allow the general public to test a karting flight, for a sum between 100 and 150 euros.

Fifteen minutes of autonomy

To fly his kart 2 meters above the ground, the creator uses an aluminum chassis, which weighs only 14 kg, compared to 20 to 25 kg for a track kart chassis. Propellers are used to control the speed, and batteries are added, as well as eight electric motors to make the kart fly. “It works like a drone except the pilot is inside and maneuvers it with joysticks,” he says.

But the device does(…) Read more about 20minutes

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