He blew up the 3 million euro Ferrari Enzo he wanted to buy, this terrible crash

The reputation of the Ferrari Enzo just went up in smoke. Where, when, how, why, we tell you everything about this incredible crash!

RIP Ferrari Enzo!

As you can see in the video above, the Ferrari Enzo had sown a tsunami on the Web. Whoever had the honor of testing its features is amazed. It’s as if we had in front of us a model from a science fiction book. As a child, we dreamed of it, they did it! It’s obvious. The designers of this little gem have competed in ingenuity to arouse covetousness among enthusiasts of technique, but also of speed! The V12 engine alone makes the editorial staff salivateObjeko. Alas, given what we have just learned, the sign falls from its pedestal. In less time than it takes to read it, a terrible accident occurs. Mechanical experts don’t understand what happened. A few weeks ago, it reminds us of that of the Testarossa. When will the dark series end?

A legendary car

Just the fact that it bears the name of the creator of the brand is a sign. Moreover, disappeared at the end of the 80s, there is no doubt that the latter could never have imagined such feats in a single vehicle. At the house of Objeko, we think it’s a nice tribute. Even those who are used to comparing models were waiting for the Ferrari Enzo firmly. Alas, no one thought that this day in January 2022 would upset this precious balance so much. In this time of health crisis, we all need to get away from it all. The return to reality will be extremely hard to take!

For the sake of transparency, Objeko reminds you of the main characteristics of the Ferrari Enzo. First of all, it only takes three seconds and a hundredth to reach 100 kilometers per hour. On the speedometer, we notice and rejoice at the idea that it can go up to two hundred more. We dare to imagine the sensations for the driver as well as the one who has the honor to accompany him on this trip. In fact, everyone will appreciate this little detail that was not available on other models, including the magnificent 812 super fast. Also, the manufacturers decide to launch in ultra limited series, namely ONLY 400 copies. By offering yourself such a marvel, you are sure to make the investment of a lifetime.

And here is the drama !

Alas, among the three units of Ferrari Enzo available in the Netherlands, one of them has just suffered significant collateral damage. At the house of Objeko, the origin of the drama was noticed because of the license plate. Straight out of a dealership, it is easy to understand that its (future) owner wanted to do a test in order to brag about his acquisition. Alas, he should have stuck around and avoided believing that it would be a health walk. However, the calamity is at the end of the road. After having  » hit a tree“, we see that a lighthouse is missing. But that’s not all since the straight wheels as well as a major part have been like  » torn off“. Still stunned and shocked by the incident, the driver could at least count on the airbag. Otherwise, who knows what it would have become?

In your opinion dear reader ofObjekois this the beginning of a slow descent into hell for the Ferrari Enzo ? Since his photos have gone around the Web, there is no doubt that we are questioning the direction of the brand. On the side of the production plant, everyone tries to clear customs. However, as always, we know from experience that it is not like this that we learn from our mistakes.

And now ?

Once the grief is gone, we’re going to have to get back to work as soon as possible. Fingers crossed that they understand where the defect comes from so that the other three hundred and ninety nine Ferrari Enzo do not suffer the same fate. Admit that it would be a shame to have spent so much time refining them and that they finally remain abandoned. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know. Next issue and see you soon for new adventures!

Thank you to our Turbo colleagues!

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