He attempts a dangerous overtaking with his Porsche and causes a stupid accident

The scene takes place in Portugal and the author of the video circulates quietly in a city center. But all of a sudden, a Porsche Panamera cuts him off and causes a really stupid accident.

In these small streets of the city center, overtaking is clearly not a good idea. It seems quite obvious and yet the driver of a Porsche Panamera try it in this video.

Obviously, things go wrong and the German sedan very quickly falls back on its lane so as not to be caught in the wrong direction. However, by folding down so quickly, the Panamera surprises the truck which is filming the scene and cuts him off in a very cavalier fashion.

The accident was therefore unavoidable and the two vehicles collided slightly. Only one man is at fault in this story but you will see it by his reaction, he is not well aware of what he has done…

Idiot in Porsche Tries To Overtake Two Cars But Fails (Portugal) from IdiotsInCars

Nothing is right

Getting out of his car to see the damage, the driver of the Panamera is on the phone. Nothing really surprising, it seems to fit the character perfectly.

But beware, this is only the beginning of the problems. Because yes, he then continues by blaming the author of the video who, poor thing, didn’t even have time to brake to avoid the accident…

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