“He and I slept with a cheerleader, she got fired”

Sex scandals aren’t a rarity in the NBA, and that’s been especially true lately. A former member of the league has just revealed one of them, in which he would have caused the dismissal of a cheerleader with a teammate!

Reflecting society, the NBA sometimes tends to borrow the bad sides. From then on, he sometimes has to deal with sexual controversies from time to time. This was for example the case in 2016, when Nick Young, then in a relationship with the famous artist Iggy Azalea, was filmed admitting to having cheated on her. Retired since, the former fullback still wants to be just as whimsical, as evidenced by his recent boxing fight:

Nick Young’s shocking revelation about the Wizards

On the sidelines of this reconversion in the ring – not necessarily successful in view of the images above, Young accepted the invitation of Vlad TV for an unfiltered interview. Due to his background, Swaggy P was notably called upon to react to the recent suspension of Ime Udoka, accused of infidelity with a Celtics employee. A case on which he delivered a unique and controversial opinion:

He is married ? Nope ? Oh… They have to work things out with his girlfriend. I think they will get there. They have been a couple for a long time. Me, my case was different because I was filmed. But hey, it’s still Nia Long! Afterwards, the identity of the woman is not important. I think men just tend to get bored sometimes, and things happen when you’re bored.

It turns out that Young was bored from his rookie season at the Wizards, since he at the same time admitted to having an affair with a franchise cheerleader, leading to the young woman’s dismissal. All this while throwing in the name of the teammate as well!

It’s a rule that applies to the entire NBA. I encountered it when I was a rookie. Andray Blatche and I slept with a cheerleader, but word got out. And people blamed us because she got fired or something. Yeah, it’s not allowed to do that.

Effectively prohibited at the time already, why did this practice not then lead to the dismissal of the two players? The mystery remains intact, but in any case does not highlight the former Wiz’!

Still as perched, Nick Young admits without flinching to have had relations with a cheerleader of the Wizards, who was subsequently fired for this reason. Suffice to say that the guy does not seem to be plagued by guilt!

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