« He always tries to run faster than me »

 » When my companion Ludovic watches a football match, I can lug around with sexy lingerie in front of him, he doesn’t care », Roman plague (first names have been changed), 24 years old. The Lyonnais, however, met his partner in a gym, during a crossfit class. Looks exchanged over the sessions, then a few words, an invitation for a drink, and the first kiss. Together, Romain and Ludovic « Lift up cast iron » to the room. After work, they also sometimes run 10 km. But bodybuilding, which first « Cemented » their relationship quickly becomes a source of tension, explains Romain:

 » Ludovic aims for performance, so he always tries to run faster than me, longer. He selects heavier weights. I observe a shift. When we have a drink with friends, football is the main subject, I feel excluded. « 

Even at the restaurant, Ludovic does not let go of his phone. He is checking the scores of football matches live, much to his boyfriend’s dismay. Scheduled until July 11, Euro 2021 does not help matters between the two men. Despite the elimination of the France team in the round of 16, Ludovic continues to support Squadra Azzurra, because of his « Italian roots ».

Incomprehensible vibrations for the other

If sport can weaken a couple, they still need common activities to build themselves up. According to Jean-Claude Kaufmann, sociologist and specialist in rel

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