Hawks manager hits out at insider Shams Charania

A few days ago, NBA insider Shams Charania hinted that Hawks coach Nate McMillan could potentially quit during the season. One report quickly denied by the Atlanta coach, and which did not please Falcons manager Steve Koonin at all.

“Shitty journalism. Everything is made up. I condemn Shams for that. This is low level journalism.”

The Atlanta franchise manager didn’t hold back when it came to addressing the rumors surrounding Nate McMillan after Shams Charania’s report last week. For those who missed an episode, know that the insider of The Athletic had dropped a small bombshell about the future of the Hawks coach, highlighting the possibility that the latter would resign during the season amid the turbulence currently characterizing the Atlanta franchise.

Is Shams Charania a myth who just wants to click? This is obviously what Steve Koonin suggests. Unless Shams has rather hit on a sore point and it’s bothering behind the scenes of the Atlanta franchise…

The insider of The Athletic is one of the two most knowledgeable journalists (with Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN) of the NBA media universe. So if he throws that kind of report, it’s probably that he has enough sources to do so. And then between us, when we take into account the disappointing results of Atlanta, the recent backstage changes at the Hawks or the tensions between McMillan and Trae Young, we tend to believe the version of Shams rather than the version “everything is fake there’s nothing to see” by Steve Koonin.

The future will tell us if the report of Shams Charania is true or not. According to the insider of The Athletic« no resignation of Nate McMillan is imminent », but his future in Atlanta should not exceed the 2022-23 season.


Text source: 92.9 The Game

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