having sex on a plane, a professional footballer caught red-handed


It’s an incredible story that a flight attendant has just revealed. While a Norwegian D1 team recently caused a scandal when several of its players were filmed in the middle of an orgy in a stadium, Lori confessed to having surprised a professional footballer playing in the Premier League during sex with his partner in a private jet.

Premier League player caught in the act

Refusing to reveal the name of the player, the flight attendant still gave more details on the case. The footballer in question, with whom she worked frequently, had booked a private jet making the New York-London route after a night out. When she tried to get into the back of the plane to make sure everything was okay, then the plane was in action with his companion.

Something completely normal for Lori. « I don’t think it’s inappropriate« she told The Daily Beast. » Because they pay millions and millions of dollars.
If I were them, and I paid that amount of money … I would too. « 

She also revealed that during another flight, the same footballer had put himself in a bad ass right in front of her.

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Sex, a taboo subject in football

A story that is causing a stir in England and which will surely not be the last in this field. Sex is always like that a taboo topic in football. If players like Ronaldinho claimed to need to make love before a meeting in order to feel liberated and to play better, some coaches choose to deprive their proteges of sexual relations at the dawn of the matches, as had been the case of the French team at the Euro.

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