Have you ever seen a six-cylinder Lamborghini Gallardo?

A motor Toyota in Lamborghini ? This takes place in the United States, in the workshop of the Street Aero preparer. The protagonist is a Gallardo which has been completely « stripped down » and transformed into an 1100 horsepower monster.

YouTube channel video Supercar Suspects allows us to discover all the secrets of this very strange Frankenstein seen for the first time at the SEMA 2021 show.

A problematic motor transplant

In the 10-minute video, the designers explain, detail by detail, the incredible Lamborghini recalling all the many steps that were necessary for the so-called « engine swap« .

Indeed, the shop started with the idea of ​​putting aside the stock V10 and installing a 2JZ engine from the most successful Toyota cars of the 1990s. To be clear, this six-cylinder engine was used on the Supra and its particular characteristics make it extremely versatile and « scalable ».

To accommodate the new engine and install the numerous modifications (including an ad hoc exhaust system and a huge turbo), the mechanics had to stretch the Lamborghini’s chassis and completely remove the bonnet and side panels.

The interior is completely stripped, with metal plates and a rollbar that make the car look like some sort of unfinished concept. The overall minimalist look is intentional, however, as efforts have been made to minimize the weight of the car.

Throughout the two years of work, problems abounded. In addition to having to rebuild the engine three times, the designers admitted to spending eight times the initial budget.

In the end, however, it seems all the sacrifices paid off. According to its makers, this bizarre Mad Max-looking Lamborghini « drives like a go-kart » and clocked in at 1100bhp in the dyno test. We can’t wait to see the Gallardo on the track or on the road to discover its true potential.

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