Haute-Savoie. A collector’s ski for the 200th anniversary of the Compagnie des guides de Chamonix

« A historic, almost retro side »

Guillaume Raullin, designer of this limited edition, explains his approach:

“We started from an existing ski, the M-Vertical 88, belonging to the range thought and designed for the practice which is that of the Company. The challenge was to make it unique through a signature decor. This one takes its source in the old silkscreen printing of an old prototype which celebrated Mont-Blanc. We have adapted it to the both mineral and organic universe of the M-Line range while seeking that refined, elegant and exclusive dimension that corresponds to the Company. It was a real graphic challenge to energize the Mont-Blanc massif through an old photo, with this historic, almost retro side, recalled by the black and white contrast … « 

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