Has STIB invested in a Porsche?

A black Cayenne with the STIB logo is doing the rounds on social networks.

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Posted on social networks this Thursday, March 17, a photo of a black Porsche Cayenne displaying the logo of the Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles provoked a lot of reactions from Internet users.

Some cry foul, saying they now know why the tickets are so expensive, others think Photoshop. What is it really? Is this a subterfuge by an individual to thwart paying car parks? Does STIB really have luxury company cars? Here is the answer…

Our colleagues from “Sud Info” went to ask the question to Françoise Ledune, spokesperson for the STIB. She tells : “Thanks to a snapchat from Brussels who had published the photo of this STIB-stamped Porsche Cayenne, we were able to trace the true owner of this luxury 4X4 and obtain his version. The interested party explains that this is an effective strategy he has put in place to avoid parking fines! You had to think about it, but not sure that the technique will still work in the future! »

On its Twitter account, STIB published a photo of the car in question, writing « When you’re REALLY REALLY a #stib fan but you failed your exam to be a bus driver… » before adding in comment that “More seriously: we do NOT have a Prosche at STIB. »

It was therefore not a Photoshop trick, the car does exist but does not belong to the STIB, which may reassure some Internet users.

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