Has Ferrari been penalized by the new technical directive?

Mattia Binotto has insisted Ferrari’s lack of pace since the summer break is unrelated to the new technical directive targeting Formula 1 floors.

The FIA ​​introduced the new technical directive during the Belgian Grand Prix in order to combat porpoising. These rebounds largely affected the teams at the start of the season and raised concerns about the health of the pilots.

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff called it « shocking« the potential exploitation of this directive by team rivals.

While Red Bull have strengthened their position in the championship with three wins from the last three races, Ferrari have crumbled in the fight and see the Silver Arrows close in the standings. We are therefore entitled to wonder if the new directive would not have had a negative impact on the performance of the F1-75.

But dismissing insinuations that the team had exploited the regulations before the summer and therefore could not explain their sudden relative lack of pace, Binotto said: « No, it has nothing to do [avec ça]honestly. »

« I know there have been a lot of rumors about it, but that’s not the point. »

« As I said in Hungary [avant la pause estivale]we’re not fast enough and maybe we just need to review the packages we’ve introduced or the way we balance our car. »

« The potential of the car could be higher », concluded the director of the Italian firm.

Can Mercedes overtake Ferrari in the constructors’ standings?

After a successful start to the season, Scuderia Ferrari now seems to be feeling the blow against Red Bull. Indeed, while the Italian team was fighting for the drivers’ and constructors’ titles, the latter seem unattainable today. Charles Leclerc, second in the drivers’ classification, is 116 points behind Max Verstappen. The reigning world champion may even be crowned for the second time in his young career, starting next weekend.

As for the manufacturer’s classification, the end of the season is also looking to be off to a bad start for the Maranello firm. Unhooked in the championship, the reds are now 139 points behind Red Bull. She will even have to look in her mirrors since Mercedes has returned to 35 small units of Scuderia Ferrari. While the prancing horse brand was fighting for the title at the start of the season, it will finally have to fight to secure its second place in the constructors’ championship.

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For its part, Mercedes hopes to be able to score big points on the Singapore track. The urban layout and the many bends should be able to help the W13. With six Grands Prix and a sprint race to go, Mercedes’ rising level of performance, faced with the slowdown of Scuderia Ferrari, could well upset the constructors’ standings before the end of the season.

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