Harrison Ford’s Best Movies


With the release of the fifth part of the adventures of the famous adventurer Indiana Jones in Le Cadran de la Destinée on June 28, and following the ovation received by the actor at the last Cannes Film Festival, it would be in good taste to return to the greatest successes of Harrison Ford, an iconic figure in cinema since the 1970s.

IndianaJones – nineteen eighty one


Surely the actor’s most cult saga, IndianaJones is a true monument of cinema. Started in 1981 with The Raiders of the Lost Ark directed by Steven Spielberg, the franchise IndianaJones immediately established itself as the ultimate adventure film. Of course, beyond its originality, it is also thanks to its hero that the film was able to conquer the public. The adventurer and professor of archeology quickly became Harrison Ford’s most iconic character. With 4 sequels, the cult saga will conclude with a final opus with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny next June 28, in which we will be able to enjoy one last time the reunion between the actor and the adventurer.

Star Wars – 1977

star wars 4

After American Graffitidirector George Lucas once again turns to Harrison Ford for the character of Han Solo in a project that will become the biggest franchise in film history, Star Wars. Released in 1977, A New Hope comes to revolutionize the film industry, with its innovative visual effects and its imperishable universe, Star Wars stands out as the flagship franchise of Hollywood. Ford plays the character of Han Solo, a nonchalant and selfish bounty hunter who will learn to open up more over the course of his adventures. A character who knew how to cross the saga since we find him until episode IX, The Rise of Skywalkerreleased in 2019. An iconic member of the main trio made up of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Leïa Organa (Carie Fisher), Han Solo is the first cult character played by Harrison Ford.

blade runner – 1982

blade runner

blade runner, directed by Ridley Scott and released in 1982, is an iconic science fiction film of the 80s. The story takes place in a dark and dystopian future where androids called « replicants » are created to serve humans. The protagonist, Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is a « blade runner » tasked with tracking down and « removing » rebelling replicants. Centered around deep questions about the nature of identity, empathy and what defines humanity, the film has established itself as a true spearhead of pop-culture. With its unique atmosphere, a combination of film noir and sci-fi, the film is famous for its visionary art direction, immersive cyberpunk sets, and captivating soundtrack composed by Vangelis. A new cult film to add to the actor’s list, which we find in the sequel, blade runner 2049released in 2017, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

The fugitive – 1993

The fugitive

Released September 6, 1993 and directed by Andrew Davis, The fugitive is a gripping thriller. Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard, a surgeon falsely accused of murdering his wife. After his spectacular escape in a bus crash while being transferred to prison, Kimble becomes a fugitive determined to prove his innocence and find the real culprit. The film is carried by the striking performances of Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. The deft blend of action, suspense and drama, plus a fast pace, unexpected twists and emotional audience engagement make this thriller a true classic. The fugitive is a remarkable example of suspense and tense chases that keep viewers in suspense until the last second.

Apocalypse Now – 1979

Apocalypse Now

Enduring cinematic masterpiece, Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is placed at the top of the war films. The film immerses viewers in the heart of the Vietnam War, through the harrowing journey of Captain Willard, played by Martin Sheen, responsible for finding and eliminating Colonel Kurtz, an officer who has gone out of control. Centered around moral conflict, human madness and the ravages of war, Apocalypse Now is much more than a war film, and remains one of cinema’s most memorable feature films to this day. Although he only plays a minor role as Colonel Lucas, it’s a cult new film that actor Harrison Ford can add to his filmography. Far from the lighter roles that revealed him to the general public, the actor is cold and serious here, thus recalling his talent even in tougher roles.

Witness – 1885


The film Witness, released in 1985 and directed by Peter Weir, is a new success for Harrison Ford. This time he plays John Brook, a Philadelphia police detective, responsible for protecting a young Amish boy named Samuel, who witnesses a murder committed by corrupt police officers. With its unique blend of genres, the film deftly combines intense crime thriller, cultural exploration and subtle romance. The meticulous direction of Peter Weir and the remarkable performances of Harrison Ford, as well as that of Kelly McGillis as Rachel, bring a depth and a tasty authenticity to the story. A fair and relevant story that navigates a set of reflections on justice and morality.

American Graffiti – 1973

American Graffiti

It’s with American Graffiti that takes place the first meeting between director George Lucas and actor Harrison Ford. This film, released in 1973, represents a crucial step in Ford’s career, since it is thanks to him that he will obtain the role of Han Solo in Star Wars four years later, which will open the doors to success. The film immerses us in 1962 in a small Californian town and follows the adventures of a group of young friends during their last night before leaving for university. With its retro atmosphere and vibrant homage to 1960s pop culture, George Lucas manages to recreate the vibe of the era through a memorable soundtrack made up of iconic songs from that period. The touching realism of the feature film flirting with nostalgia, allowed the film to meet with critical and commercial success.

Presumed Innocent – 1990

Presumed Innocent

Adaptation of the eponymous novel by author Scott Turow, Presumed Innocent, directed by Alan J. Pakula and released in 1990, is a legal thriller in which we find Harrison Ford as Rusty Sabich, an assistant district attorney tasked with solving the brutal murder of a colleague, but who himself becomes the main suspect. A powerful and intense plot that allows the actor to deploy all of his talents in a memorable performance that gives the film all its cachet. Without forgetting the themes addressed which question the efficiency of the judicial system, Presumed Innocent is an effective, rich and relevant film!

About Henry – 1991

About Henry

Emotional drama directed by Mike Nichols in 1991, AT about henry tells us the story of Henry Turner, played by Harrison Ford, a selfish and ambitious lawyer who suffers a serious injury following an attempted robbery. When he wakes up, he suffers from severe amnesia and must relearn the basics of life. As he recovers, he rediscovers the world around him. He reconnects with his wife played by Annette Bening and his daughter, questioning his values ​​and the priorities of his previous life. With deep themes such as redemption, family love and forgiveness, the feature film allows us to discover a Harrison Ford more touching than ever. A new look at the world both for the character, but also for the viewer.

42 – 2013


Moving biopic about the characters of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey, 42, directed by Brian Helgeland in 2013, revisits the true story of Jackie Robinson, played by Chadwick Boseman, the first African-American baseball player to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, thus breaking the barrier of racial segregation. Accompanied by manager Branch Rickey, played with nuances by Harrison Ford, the film promotes a powerful message against injustice and discrimination in the world of sport. It also offers an authentic portrayal of the times, highlighting the challenges Robinson faced and the impact he had on the world of sport, and beyond. With the remarkable performances of Harrison Ford and the now late Chadwick Boseman, the film places itself unpretentiously alongside other masterpieces of the genre, likeInvictus Or The color of victory.


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