Hardly ever seen in 60 years… Giannis’ work continues!


Unstoppable since the start of the Bucks season, Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to carry his team on his back. Milwaukee is now the only franchise not to have lost a game. Needless to say, the Greek Freak is largely responsible, with something unheard of in 60 years in the NBA… or almost.

It’s not this Friday night that the Bucks will lose this season. Yet deprived of Khris Middleton, an oh so important player, Milwaukee continues to shine since the recovery. The last success to date took place against the Knicks, with a score of 119-108. The man in the game? Giannis Antetokounmpo for a change, who finished with 30 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists, including a Mitchell Robinson destruction.

Giannis unplayable with the Bucks, his carnage continues

Even a blocker as good as Robinson can’t stand up to the Greek Freak, that says a lot about his current level of play. As analyst Justin Kubatko points out, only one player has made such a successful start to the season in 60 years: Larry Bird. Already historic feats for Antetokounmpo, whose goal is clear, namely to win a new NBA title.

Giannis Antetokounmpo this season: 138 points, 53 rebounds, 25 assists. Antetokounmpo is only the second player in the last 60 seasons to record at least 125 points, 50 rebounds and 25 assists in the first 4 games. He joins Larry Bird, who did in 1987/88 (133 points, 52 rebounds, 30 assists).

Unstoppable. Khris Middleton or not, the Bucks are on cloud nine right now with their 4-0 record. It is also the only undefeated team for the time being in the entire NBA.

The only undefeated team

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s incredible start to the season continues in Milwaukee. The statistics are crazy, but the fans will especially remember the record of 4-0, proof that the Bucks have every intention of regaining their throne in the East. Anyway, good luck stopping the Greek Freak…


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