Happy Birthday | Anthony Edwards soars above everyone

No one will be surprised to see so many « posters » in the Top 10 of his young career. After two years in the league, Anthony Edwards has already had the opportunity to climb above Brandon Ingram, Tre Jones and the poor Yuta Watanabewhose « poster » logically inherits the first place.

Without forgetting his insane dunk on Gabe Vincentretained in this classification when his gesture had earned him an offensive foul during this meeting against the Heat.

This Top 10, which thus gives pride of place to his explosiveness towards the circle, also includes his first big shot in the playoffs. It was last April against the Grizzlies, in order to equalize a few seconds before the end of Game 5.

Unfortunately for him and his team, Ja Morant will have the last word in this game and this series.

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