Handball – Lidl Starligue: Positive but uncertainties at mid-season for Tebib

Posted on February 12, 2021 at 6:56 PM


Acting president of the NHL, David Tebib assured that the economic situation of the clubs was, for the moment, under control and that the discussions on the future format of the professional championships are postponed.

David Tebib assures him, “ no club is in a perilous situation of bankruptcy or disappearance « . While the Lidl Starligue and Proligue clubs have been forced for many months to play behind closed doors, thus losing their main source of funding, the interim president of the National Handball League confirms that thisThe latter “are supported by various state processes” in order to get through this difficult period. However, the former president of the Nîmes club confides that the situation is still very precarious and that nothing will be resolved in the short term.  » We must be aware that the difficulties will reappear next season », Assures the boss of French professional handball. Future difficulties that have prompted clubs and the NHL to reflect on the future of competitions, especially concerning the number of clubs in Lidl Starligue with an expansion to 18 clubs in the heart of the hallway noise. A subject that will have to be addressed later, when the leaders have a more global vision of the situation.  » At the end of March, we will have had some of the possible problems, and we will know what to do with the championships., confided David Tebib in remarks collected by the official site of the Lidl Starligue. Waiting a few more weeks will give us the necessary perspective to properly apprehend the end of the 2020-2021 fiscal year. « 

Promotions and relegations at the heart of discussions

The idea at the center of this new enlargement of the elite of French men’s handball, which has grown to sixteen clubs this season, is the idea of ​​allowing two Proligue clubs to rise without any club currently in Lidl Starligue suffering. a descent that could jeopardize their future. However, this solution could be discarded depending on the progress of the championship this season. “The abnormal situation means that we get an abnormal championship, but the situation is the same for all clubs, assures David Tebib. Playing at 18 is a scenario, which could be imposed on us by the crisis, but if we manage to play twenty-five games, we should tend towards a system of two up and two downs. « Arrived at the head of the NHL following the departure of Olivier Girault, unsuccessful candidate for the presidency of the French Handball Federation, David Tebib will retain his post for several more months following the postponement of the election of a new NHL Board of Directors. If he does not say he wants to continue his action, the former boss of USAM confided in what could be the future direction of the league.  » Governance must be linked to the times we are living in, embodied by someone capable of bringing together, said David Tebib. Before talking about profile, I think we have to talk about the project and how we can embody this project. The National Handball League may have to change its mode of governance in the coming months. “Reforms which, against the backdrop of the crisis, could make a lot of talk.

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