Handball. Caen in search of a first exploit against Tremblay

The Caennais of Romain Guillard will try to achieve the first
The Caennais of Romain Guillard will try to achieve the first « feat » of their season against Tremblay. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

For now, the season of Caen Handball is almost cartoonish. Against the big guys, he loses. Against the teams of « his » championship, he wins (or almost, since he had to be content with a draw in Angers). Concretely, that constitutes four losses, three victories and a draw.

This provisional record offers the Vikings a satisfactory tenth place. There is no doubt, however, that Caen aspires to pass the small cap which separates him from the first half of the table. This supposes being able to upset the established order in this Proligue championship that we imagined perhaps more divided.

Caen at a point of the seventh

For now, the forecasts are respected but the gaps remain moderate behind the ultra-dominator Ivry (seven wins, one defeat). Caen, tenth, is only one length behind the three teams ahead. Two points from the playoffs. The Caennais are not so far in the standings as in the game … sometimes. They had lost the opening game against Massy by only one goal.

Two slaps against big ones

Then, Caen took a few slaps against the big guys: 38-27 at Sélestat, 35-25 at Ivry. But the promoted remains on three wins and a draw in his last five games. He appears more armed to compete with the head of the peloton. And that’s what he will try to do this Friday, November 12, 2021 (8:30 p.m.) at the Palais des Sports against Tremblay.

Cyril Dumoulin in the goal of Tremblay

The former Starligue team appears as a huge obstacle from the top of its intractable defense (first defense of the championship) and its renowned goalkeeper, the former international Cyril Dumoulin (36% saves this season). But his very average attack (13th attack) suggests that everything is not yet perfectly settled. In Caen, led by the best Proligue player in October, Yannis Mancelle (58 goals since the start of the season) to take advantage of it!

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