Hamilton ‘completely transformed’ after trip to Africa

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says he feels « transformed » after traveling to Africa during Formula 1’s summer break.

This summer, seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton traveled to Africa visiting no less than four countries including Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania in the space of a few days. The Briton shared his journey with his millions of followers on social networks by regularly posting photos.

On the program for the Briton, a visit to the Reteti animal sanctuary, a passage through Rwanda where he was able to approach the gorillas in their natural environment and protected by the community around them, before visiting the Pokot people in Kenya. .

“These past two weeks have been some of the best days of my life. I am no longer the same man I was before this trip, all the beauty, love and peace that I have been able to receive makes me feel completely transformed.” said the seven-time world champion on his social networks.

“No amount of photos could capture what I’m feeling now and what I’m trying to say. Just know that where words fail, emotions run deep.”

“I have connected to my roots and my history and I feel my ancestors with me now stronger than before. Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, thank you. To the people here, to wildlife and nature, thank you. We were welcomed in every beautiful place we visited. We were treated like family. To my brothers who joined me in this adventure, thank you. I know we will talk about this forever.”

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