Hafida Carletta at the service of others through adapted sport


A voluntary gymnastics instructor, La Jonquièroise works around aging well and with people with health problems. She also introduces children to handball.

Hafida Carletta is a facilitator in various AGVs (Voluntary Gymnastics Associations) and retirement homes.

Mother of two children and grandmother of five grandchildren, she decided to get involved in a personal project linked to the helping relationship when her children went to school. She then trained in the animation of gymnastic activities and then obtained certifications in adapted physical activities (Apa) and balance and memory for aging well.

In the town, she works at the sports hall, within the AGV SS association (health sports) Pas’Apa30. It welcomes people who encounter health problems and for whom gymnastics is integrated into the therapeutic protocol, sometimes on medical prescription and covered by mutual insurance companies.

Hafida works mainly with an audience of seniors in a small group operation where the exercises are individualized and adapted to each one. The sessions can be muscle strengthening, balance work, motor skills, memorization based on sequences of movements.

Anxious to best meet the needs of the participants, the specialist proceeds, at registration, to an interview with health questionnaire and tests.

Hafida will soon intervene in a « balance and memory » action with sophrology and brain-gym, carried by the Rising Sun association, in partnership with the CCAS.

On May 10, a short hike with picnic

Then, she will lead memory workshops, in gymnastics of the mind. She has also planned, on registration for May 10, a day with a short hike and shared picnic.

Always driven by the desire for sports support, the facilitator guides the little ones in their first steps in handball with the new handball club in the village.

Information: sports hall on Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. From Hafida Carletta on agv.pasapa30@gmail.com or on 06 12 07 08 58.

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