Haas will take its time before introducing updates to its F1

Haas boss Guenther Steiner insists his team will take their time before introducing updates to their 2022 single-seater as most teams on the grid are thrown into a development war this year.

After a difficult 2021 campaign during which the Haas team did not score a single point, the American team is off to a promising start to the 2022 season and has already scored points in three of the first four rounds of the year. In 2022, Formula 1’s new single-seaters have been built under a new set of technical rules, which means development throughout the season will play a big part in defining the pecking order.

However, the Haas boss says his team won’t be rushing to fit new parts to his car as he wants above all to make sure they deliver noticeable improvements, rather than minor gains.

“We have to see what we want to do, because first of all we want to see where we are. I’m in no rush to put something magical on the car, I just want to make sure that when we put something on the car you can see the difference. » said Steiner last weekend at Imola.

« Otherwise you’re laughing at yourself and saying ‘next time will be better because we’ll bring a new flap here, a flap there.’ We work, we put packages together, we do package simulations, and once the numbers are right, we go into production. It’s as simple as that. »

When asked how long his team needs to produce new parts, Steiner replied: “It depends if you change a complete rear wing, it takes longer than a brake duct for example. I can’t give numbers, but it usually takes four to six weeks to update. »

After the fourth round of the year at Imola, the Haas team is in eighth place in the Constructors’ World Championship, one point behind the AlphaTauri team.

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