Haas will be ready to ‘score points’ with better F1

Having decided not to develop its F1 version 2021 to focus entirely on the new 2022 technical regulations, Haas suffers from a real lack of pace this season, with Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin generally contenting themselves with the last row of the grid.

Last Saturday in Istanbul, for the first time this season, a Haas was able to take part in Q2 during qualifying, thanks to Schumacher’s 14th place in Q1. If the German had already managed to qualify for the second part of qualifying in France, an accident prevented him from driving there.

Beyond this result and Schumacher’s performance, team manager Günther Steiner stressed that his structure has put in place the perfect strategy and execution to achieve it, giving him the confidence that her team is ready to score points when they have a better car.

« Yeah, it was my greatest personal satisfaction to see how the team did the job »Steiner replied when asked how reassuring it was to see such management of the race weekend. « We’re ready for next year, you know. We’re fine. Yeah, we’re going to make mistakes too, but there was an opportunity, and it worked like they’d been working together for three or five years. »

« Mick was very calm, his race engineer did a great job, always staying calm. Especially with Ayao [Komatsu] replacing Nikita’s race engineer, there was no chief race engineer. And they all did a good job, each did what they had to do, [comme] mechanics. This is what made me happy, because now we are ready. If we have a better car, the racing team will be ready to score points. « 

Contact with Fernando Alonso in the wet race on Sunday wiped out any hope of points in the opening laps for Schumacher, who finished 19th, just ahead of his teammate Mazepin. But Steiner said the Q2 berth was a rare reward for his team, having consistently slipped to the back of the grid over the past three years.

“I’m very happy for the team to be honest because they are all working hard all the time to extract the maximum amount. I see what they are doing and there is no result in the end, and, you know , I almost feel bad about it.3 But I’m very happy for them because I know the efforts they are making. « 

“Maybe three years ago we were miserable we didn’t go to Q3, now we’re happy to get out of Q1. It’s a different thing, but guys, a little bit of success keeps them going. . Everything was done well, and it shows that we just have to keep going, work hard, and things will come to us. « 

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