Haas ready to run young Ferrari drivers in EL1 in 2022 | F1only.fr

Haas team manager Gunther Steiner is not ruling out the idea of ​​having young Ferrari drivers run in free practice next year.

From the 2022 season, Formula 1 teams should have the obligation (this measure has yet to be approved) to run young drivers in two EL1 sessions during the season with the aim of increasing the opportunities for young drivers to enter the premier class of motorsport and gain experience during an official race weekend, while private testing is very limited in F1.

“If that were to be written into the regulations then of course we would have to bring in young drivers and I think it would be Ferrari drivers. «  Gunther Steiner said.

“I haven’t spoken with Ferrari yet of who they will have next year, but I would say that would be the first choice. If they don’t have anyone, then for sure there will be guys who want to drive the car in FP1. « 

Along with the young drivers, Steiner has also already mentioned that the Haas team may bring in an experienced reserve driver next year to serve as a benchmark for two newbies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. But although he claims that no real work has been done on this point yet, Steiner insists it might be necessary as it is impossible to use data from the 2020 season with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen. as a reference.

“I mentioned that there might be a possibility, but we haven’t looked at it yet. The car [celle de 2022] has changed enough that we can no longer take 2020 as a benchmark. The behavior is different, therefore, that would not be good. « 

“It would have to be with the same car at the same time, because there is too much difference. It is impossible to go back to data that is one year old and take it as a reference. « 

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