Haaland would target Real, Barça still on the spot

Erling Haaland, well on the way to mark his time, is the object of envy in Spain. If the player would have a preference for Real Madrid, Barca remain on the lookout.

Perhaps even more than the French Kylian Mbappé, who could extend his adventure at PSG, the Norwegian Erling Haaland will be at the heart of the discussions this summer, and a duel at daggers drawn behind the scenes between Spanish rivals, to attract him.

The Madrid daily AS revealed recently that the recruitment of the Golden Boy had become an absolute priority, all the more with the difficulty of bringing Mbappé, due to the discussions underway in Paris. In this context, there is no question for the leaders of Madrid to let such a miracle escape their hands.

Especially since the player seems to want to join them, as soon as possible. In any case, this is what the daily ABC announces on Saturday. « Erling Haaland is the target of Real Madrid, and Real Madrid is the target of Haaland », summarize our colleagues. According to information gathered by the ABC newspaper, the player’s representative, the influential Mino Raiola, has bet on a transfer to Real Madrid this summer.

Discussions are reportedly going very well, so much so that the article dares to reveal what will be, according to ABC, the amount of the Norwegian star’s next transfer: 120 million euros. An amount that will land in the coffers of Borussia Dortmund, knowing that Mino Raiola could cash him 30 million in this case.

Not a simple goalscorer

Real Madrid seem to have a good head start on the competition, very strong, but the player arouses so much interest in the market that the game is far from won, especially as Barça is the lookout. Because its new president, who was that of the glorious years of the Guardiola era, Joan Laporta, maintains excellent relations with Mino Raiola.

Barely inducted, the Catalan club boss picked up his phone and started discussions with the Norwegian’s entourage to inform him of Barça’s interest, even if the operation looks very complicated, for many reasons, relates the Catalan daily Sport, which serves as a reference in the region.

Passed into the big class at just 20 years old and at a phenomenal speed, Erling Haaland eliminated Sevilla FC almost on his own. The list of his Champions League records has been circling for a week, and his many feats of arms are legion, not to mention his Bundesliga records.

But Erling Haaland is not just a scorer. The Norwegian fights like a lion to retrieve balloons, even in his own area, and harangue his partners. His thirst for victory and a warrior’s body language make him a natural leader that will benefit all of his teams in the future.

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