Haaland would hide his injuries in order to preserve his transfer chances this summer


The German media Sport1 reports this Saturday that Erling Haaland would have asked Borussia Dortmund not to make public the injuries of the Norwegian international, before a potential departure this summer. The striker would even play with an undiagnosed injury, voluntarily.

Of all the transfer rumors this summer, Erling Haaland would have decided not to reveal the diagnoses of his injuries, precisely before accepting a potential offer from a European giant, according to the German media Sport1. Often injured this season, the Norwegian has already missed several meetings with Borussia Dortmund, and this would worry clubs like Real Madrid, informs Mundo Deportivo.

« We can’t push him to have a scan »

In this context, the German media Sport1 explains that Haaland would have asked Dortmund not to make public the diagnoses of his injuries since last January, for fear that these injuries could frustrate his transfer. Injured in the ankle when he played with Norway against Armenia on March 29, the young striker nevertheless scored twice against Wolfsburg in a wide 6-1 victory. His trainer Marco Rose was much less optimistic for the Norwegian before the match: « He is not free from pain yet. I was sent a picture: The opponent’s foot was at a 90 degree angle to in the leg. That means something must have been broken. »

A statement that lacks precision, for a fairly simple reason: Erling Haaland would not have had his injury examined by the BVB. “We work with the player on how to manage the situation, he explained in a rather vague way. Are we making images? We are not making images? We cannot push the boy into the tube (from the scanner, editor’s note) if he does not want it for himself. » Still, the Dortmund boss praised the fact that the Norwegian had ‘tried to deal with the swelling in a very, very professional way’. A lack of transparency linked to his future transfer? For its part, SPORT1 recalls having revealed last week that offers were delayed due to its vulnerability to injury.

« He grits his teeth and possibly takes a new pill before the game »

It is not the first time that such uncertainty has hung over his injury, since SPORT1 understands that the Norwegian and his entourage already did not want the diagnosis to be communicated during his last major injury (probably a tear muscle in the thigh) at the end of January. The BVB, which wanted to reveal it, finally bowed to the request of the Haaland clan, and had only officially mentioned « muscular problems ». Despite his ankle blow, Haaland hasn’t missed a minute in the Bundesliga, having played against Leipzig (April 2) and Stuttgart (April 8). Yet Marco Rose confirmed her swelling in the ankle and said that she had « deflated quite quickly ».

Still, the super striker is currently playing a dangerous game. « If there is something in the ligaments or the ankle and you are constantly under pressure, you get hit, it does something to the body. It’s very clear, » also remarked the BVB coach. « He grits his teeth and possibly takes a new pill before the game and it should work. » Erling Haaland would therefore currently take a big risk, in order to reassure him about his state of health before a potential transfer, but this could aggravate his undiagnosed injury. And therefore cancel a departure in the summer.


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