Gullit ‘thinks Ronaldo regrets’ returning to United

Media365 editorial staff, published on Sunday August 14, 2022 at 5:05 p.m.

Ruud Gullit’s observation is clear about the Red Devils, particularly their inability to modernize.

Former Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit warned his compatriot Erik ten Hagthe Manchester United manager who lost the first two Premier League days (including a 4-0 Saturday at Brentford), that he must adapt quickly to English football if he wants to succeed as a manager of the Red Devils.

« There are a lot of problems at Manchester United »

« If you come to England with a Dutch mentality, it’s difficult, » Gullit explained in an interview at Laureus Academy. « You have to adapt. You have to understand that you don’t win games just with football, you also need strength and energy. There are a lot of problems at Manchester United, I think they missed the game. opportunity to change their football. They live too much in the past. They talk too much about the team of the 1990s. »

On the other hand, he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo regrets coming back to Manchester United. « That’s my feeling. He doesn’t say it, but I think he regrets it because of the team that was there, » he continued. « I think he expected the performance to be better, so he will want to show everyone who criticized him at Manchester United how much he is still worth. I think he has this mission. »

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