Guinea does not want disappointment

Guinea does not want disappointment


On the eve of each African Cup of Nations, the climate becomes heavy, even suffocating.

Many rumors hunt and disturb all information relating to the withdrawal or not of the organization of CAN-2025 in Guinea. They circulate and make wade all information which would try to crush the rumors which circulate these last months.

The assurances of Mathurin de Chacus, president of the Beninese Federation
The delegation dispatched to Conakry by the pan-African body met on Wednesday with the Guinean Minister of Youth and Sports, Lansana Béa Diallo, before meeting the Head of State, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya. At the end of these meetings, which keep the fans and the African sports world spellbound, the president of the Beninese Football Federation, Mathurin de Chacus, who is at the head of this delegation, faced the media to answer to all the questions that make African football teams sweat. Wanting to be reassuring, he announces that he will do everything to reassure the Guineans. “We will see how to find solutions to help Guinea. We did not come to withdraw the organization from Guinea”, assured the leader, before qualifying his remarks all the same. « We came to see if Guinea has any proposals to convince CAF to still trust it for the organization of this CAN 2025. »

CAN-2025 “national and priority interest”
“Naby Keita’s country will therefore have to demonstrate that it is still up to it. On this point, the Guinean authorities have anticipated by announcing on Monday that the CAN-2025 has been raised to the rank of « national interest and priority ». “And to avoid the Guinean nation, any slippage or disappointment, an additional budget envelope has been allocated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to prepare the competition as well as possible. (?!)

« All the means of the Nation will be made available to meet the challenge »
« The challenge that awaits us today, from the moment when we have made this project a national priority, this means that all the means of the Nation will be made available to take up the challenge, to succeed in this great challenge » , recalled in parallel Minister Lansana Béa Diallo. “Today, we are a team that works, we are a team that moves forward. And today we have all the support of the government to take up the challenge.” The message got through…

The federation’s standardization committee denounces a conspiracy fomented from within
During our Thursday edition, we took up an info leaked by the BBC journalist, Osasu Obayiuwana. This one affirms that the executive committee of the CAF took the decision to withdraw the organization of the competition in Guinea since July 3! Now the president of the standardization committee of the Guinean Football Federation (Conor), Mariama Sy, has denounced a plot fomented from within.

“We are connected 24 hours a day with FIFA and CAF”
“I confirm that it is a crazy rumor (…). I point out to you that the Guinean Football Federation is the gateway to all the information that comes from CAF. All the information that comes in goes through us. We are connected 24 hours a day with FIFA and CAF. If there is a letter that arrives in Guinea, it comes officially through us,” said the leader first. “The CAF delegation was received by COCAN where a message was passed on. The head of the delegation said that they did not come to withdraw the CAN from Guinea. They came to reassure themselves that things are going in the right direction. (…) It’s nonsense that comes from our own country and that’s what shocks me. How can Guineans today want to boycott the organization of CAN-2025, which will today be the lever for the growth of our country, for development with everything that will be done?

“Guinea has given itself the means to reassure CAF”
Mariama Sy believes that Guinea has given itself the means to reassure CAF in recent days. “It is true that Guinea since 2014 (date of the award, editor’s note) has not done much. The old regime did not make it a priority. So CAF is absolutely right to be worried. But, since September 5 precisely, under the leadership of the Minister of Sports, who has made it his hobbyhorse, the commitment of his president and the government which is heavily involved, we have done extraordinary things. The companies have been chosen, the contracts have been signed,” recalled the manager.
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