Guardiola quips after Grealish’s last drunken night out

During an evening with some of his teammates at Manchester City, Jack Grealish was filmed in a state of inebriation, to the point of being refused entry to a bar. Asked about this at a press conference, Pep Guardiola did not want to overwhelm his midfielder.

« I’m only upset because they didn’t invite me… » The British media may have been expecting to see Pep Guardiola rise in the towers after Jack Grealish, Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez’s latest night out. On Monday, Grealish was filmed bar hopping with his two teammates. Visibly very alcoholic, the former midfielder of Aston Villa was even refused entry to an establishment, too badly in shape to be able to move alone.

Invited to react to the images of this evening which made the happiness of the social networks, Guardiola handled the irony. « The players know that they take risks when they go out because today there are social networks. But they have all been perfect. They will simply be fined because they did not invite me… », said joked the Skyblues coach on Tuesday at a press conference.

Grealish and Foden had been sanctioned at the end of 2021

« The video doesn’t show exactly what happened. They had dinner together and they had a good time with their friends, » added the Spaniard. He had been less conciliatory last December. After being photographed in a nightclub, in the wake of a victory against Leeds (7-0), Grealish and his sidekick Phil Foden had been sanctioned by their coach. They remained on the bench the following match in Newcastle (4-0) when they shone against the Peacocks.

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