Gregg Popovich talks about the race for Victor Wembanyama!

After years of playing leading roles in the Western Conference, Gregg Popovich will discover the joys of tanking with his Spurs. A rather exceptional situation on which he had things to say during the media day of his franchise. He probably knows that at the end of the tunnel is Victor Wembanyama.

All the specialists have known it for months and months: this NBA season promises to be special, since the race at the bottom of the classification will perhaps be more intense than that at the top. Obviously, there will be franchises well above the lot who will do everything to achieve a great epic in the playoffs, but the biggest winners will undoubtedly be those who will inherit the first choice of the next Draft.

As in 2003 with LeBron Jamesas in 2019 with Zion Williamson, several teams should fight for the right to select the prodigy Victor Wembanyama next June, and thus recover a potential all-time talent. The excitement must also be even greater after his first game of the season with the Metropolitans 92

In the middle of tanking, Pop no longer knows his players!

Among the teams concerned by this race towards mediocrity, there is obviously the Spurs, who decided to exchange the All-Star Dejounte Murray against an aging Danilo Gallinari, who was also released in stride. Accustomed to playing the leading roles, Gregg Popovich has to do with a team built to tank, and he spoke on the subject during the media day.

Pop acknowledges that it is difficult for him to know all the players in his squad, and he added that he met a member of his staff he did not even know.

Pop was asked what motivated him to come back. He replied jokingly… his salary.

Gregg Popovich has almost only known success during his time at Spurs, he has always had quality players under his command, but for the first time, he has to deal with men whose names he does not even know. A situation probably quite difficult to manage for the 73-year-old veteran, who will hopefully be rewarded by the arrival of the young Frenchman.

Gregg Popovich knows it, his role this season will be to develop his young players, while not winning too many games so as not to move away of the race for Victor Wembanyama. At 73 years old, the situation must not be so easy to manage for this winner.

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