Gregg Popovich already accused on Wembanyama: « It won’t take long to… »


NBA Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama

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While all of San Antonio is delighted with the arrival of Victor Wembanyama and a festive flavor has reigned for several players, the first detractors and mood breakers are pointing their noses. And after Stephen A. Smith on several occasions, it was another influential voice in the NBA sphere who went there with his diatribe. By violently targeting Gregg Popovich.

It’s euphoria in San Antonio. After the long-awaited Draft, Victor Wembanyama indeed headed for his new adopted city in Texas, in a permanent climate of euphoria. Invited to a dine with city royaltythe Frenchman is already adopted and dubbed by the entire Texan fanbase, which hopes to hold the heir of Tim Duncan, David Robinson and others.

But because no one can be unanimous, some famous detractors have also taken the opposite view of this hype, and are already starting to indulge in virulent criticism. It was Stephen A. Smith who opened the ball a few days ago, and it is now his former sidekick Skip Bayless who has taken over – even more virulently.

Gregg Popovich accused of being ill-intentioned with Wembanyama

Bayless, who nevertheless defines himself as a big Spurs fan, is not a fan of Gregg Popovich and his methods. In a controversial and widely criticized tweet, he accused Pop of being addicted to his « Spurs star » status, and of being willing to hurt Wembanyama to get the attention. A strange output, here below:

Gregg Popovich is not going to be happy to be the second biggest star in San Antonio. It won’t be long before he makes life impossible for Wemby, breaks it down, so he can get the credit for rebuilding it. I hope Wemby doesn’t give Pop a Kawhi and say, « I’m sick of it. »

Without being in the privacy of the Spurs locker room, we can say that it is not knowing Popovich to accuse him in this way. Internet users also did not fail to quickly send Bayless back to his 22 meters, a little surprised by this criticism which seems somewhat premature – and that’s an understatement!

Already not very popular on social networks, Skip Bayless will not strengthen his popularity rating, especially not in Texas. The healthiest thing is obviously to let Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama work calmly, trusting the pedigree of the legendary tactician.


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