Greg Monroe back in the NBA! Ten day contract signed with Wolves, left papatte is back


It is definitely the return ball of the glorious ancients. After Joe Johnson or Isaiah Thomas in recent days, it is therefore good old Greg Monroe who arrives this time in Minnesota to compensate for the cavalcade of absences among the Wolves. Once again it won’t revolutionize the game, but once again it’s always a smile to see our confident veterans back to kiss the NBA.

Josh Smith, Nick Young, JR Smith, Shawn Kemp or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, here is a list of names that could soon appear on the TLs of American insiders as the NBA franchises are currently competing for originality to have ten guys in shorts each evening. The Wolves? Forced to deal with the absences of Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, Patrick Beverley, Taurean Prince and Jean-Loup Wolf, Minny’s board has therefore appealed in recent hours to… Greg Monroe, THE Greg Monroe, the very one who made the heyday – quickly – of the Pistons in the mid-2010s, the time when the inventor of spacing was banging PLS every night in front of the frontcourt performances Monroe / Josh Smith – Drummond. True tough interior, earthy, endowed with velvet hands, the Gregos turned at the time in about 15/10 and thus placed itself in the category of domineering interiors, without exploding like an All-Star nevertheless. After leaving to discover the forests of Wisconsin, Monroe will valdinguera to finish between Phoenix, Boston, Toronto and Philadelphia, finished for the high level as the other would say, mainly because his slow game no longer really corresponds to the current standards of the League.

Passed by Europe for a few seasons (Bayern Munich and Khimki Moscow) and among the old glories who try not to rust in the G League (recently with the Wizards B), Greg Monroe is therefore back in the NBA and will have the opportunity to meet during his CDD the Celtics (tonight), the Knicks, the Jazz, the Lakers, the Clippers and the Thunder on two occasions. before, why not, run for a second term in Minnesota or elsewhere if the air of the Stazounis suits him and if, better still, his performances put the chip in the ear of clever coaching staffs. Pleasure in any case to find on the floors the mimines of course of one of the faces known to the NBA of yesteryear, even if the difference could be quite terrible for the player who is now on his 32 years.

Rendezvous tonight to see Greg Monroe in uniform and, let’s be crazy, in shorts against the Celtics. The good news ? It is that he will be entitled for his return to one of the most crumbly rackets in the League, so see you tomorrow to analyze in depth GM’s 18/11 at 8/10 shooting?


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